Copenhagen as an international walkability/bikeability role model

A recent ‘masterclass’ in Copenhagen provided participants from six select cities – Bangalore, Barcelona, Cape Town, Jaipur, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver — with inspiration (incl biking, walking and swimming in the city), practical examples, expert advice, and tools to develop an action plan and a benefit analysis related to specific walkability and bikeability initiatives in their cities, ranging from city-wide strategy and planning to neighbourhood- or street-level interventions.

The ‘masterclass’ was part of a partnership between C40, Novo Nordisk and Gehl that aims to empower cities to drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable urban climate actions with health benefits for their citizens. Therefore improved health, reduction in greenhouse gas emission and overall improved quality of life for people will be key targets for this programme.

Posted June 08, 2017 in: by a vb

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