Our four unique workshops on the theme Good Health & Well-being. This is where we go from ideas to action!

1. How do we utilize the citizens’ drive and competence for better health?
Workshop with LMK-stiftelsen, Rise & Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
New business models for individual contribution, value based healthcare and new foods will transform healthcare and increase health literacy among citizens over the next 10 years. How can we as organizations and individuals engage and prepare already today?

2. How can cell and gene therapy be a method for the general population – what new business models are needed?
Workshop with Medicon Village & Rise
Cell and gene therapies are about to transform how we treat complex diagnoses today and new diagnoses tomorrow. But so far the therapies are very expensive. For them to reach a large population production and treatment costs need to go down in order for all patients – independent of economic situation – to get treated. This workshop will discuss how the business models of healthcare will change based on these disruptive technologies.

3.How will industries re-think their business models for the SDGs?
Workshop with Mobile Heights & Zacco 
Emerging digital technologies like block chain and internet of things enable new business models for more circular economies. For traditional stakeholders this means exploring new roles and relations. New roles means new opportunities but also risk. How can the legal aspects be an enabler rather than an obstacle in promoting this transition?
This workshop will explore concrete business scenarios to identify and explore new roles and relations for more resource efficient business models. The host, Zacco, are at the core of this development. Mobile Heights is co-hosting this session.
4. Cities changing diabetes
Workshop with Novo Nordisk
How can one of the partner cities collaborate with urban planners and food production to turn the tide on diabetes?
How can new diets and advanced therapies reduce the need for traditional diabetic care?
How can new sensors and technology improve life quality for diabetics across the world?

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