Our four unique workshops on the theme Sustainable Cities & Communities. This is where we go from ideas to action!

1. Should we reuse or recycle?
Workshop with Materials Business Center
The reduce-reuse-recycle mantra has been around since the 1970s, and we still lack a well-functioning system to turn it into practice. Our suspicion is that the topic tend to be approached from a research or policy perspective only.
In this workshop we will approach the question from a holistic point of view, mixing technical aspects with the business case perspective.

2. Industrial symbiosis – the societal triple win!
Workshop with Kalundborg
Industrial symbiosis is a triple win for society. Two wins for the exchanging parties – and one for the places that learn from the two first.

3. Future City Test Beds
Workshop with Malmö Stad
Cities are increasingly shaped by its citizens. How can city planners capture and utilize citizen involvement to achieve better and more sustainable solutions?

4. Building a sustainable urban world
Workshop with CONCITO & Green Mobility

– How can urban mobility meet future demands and become climate neutral? The purpose of this workshop is to put focus on new tendencies within sustainable mobility in cities such as shared services and electrification. Henrik Gudmundsson Chief Advisor at CONCITO will address the global urban transport agenda and talk about how Urban Transport needs to become safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable when facing major revolutions in the coming years. Kathrine Fjendbo Jørgensen special advisor from The Capital Region of Denmark, Copenhagen Electric sets the scene from a local perspective. What are the challenges that we face in the Capital Region of Denmark? And what kind of projects do the Capital Region of Denmark run at the moment to address these challenges?

Green Mobility CEO Torben Andersen will give us insights in the first ten months of the operational free float of shared cars in Copenhagen. What are their challenges and the future solutions? The workshop invites everyone to get a broader perspective on how we can accelerate shared green mobility in the cities and join in on the important discussions on the matter. Welcome!